Little Owls

Sometimes, but only sometimes, I do not sew lingerie or gaments. I am not much in home decor sewing or quilting or accessories like bags. But last weekend I made these cute little fellows:

IMG_7387_Bildgröße ändern


I first saw this pattern on Rhonda’s blog and wanted to make some since then. It just took me nearly 1 1/2 years…Rhonda posted a lot of details how to make these including a link to the pattern and also a video. So check out her posts here, here and here out if you want to make some for yourself. I made mine without a washer as they are just decorative and I do not want to use them as a pattern weight. They are stuffed with cotton batting. And I discovered they are great to use some fabric scraps (which I have far too much).

What is your favorite use for fabric scraps? I need some ideas, please let me know in the comments!

IMG_7389_Bildgröße ändern



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1 Response to Little Owls

  1. troussedecouture says:

    These guys are really cute 🙂 ! Very nice idea for using fabric scraps.

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