Blog Move / Blog-Umzug

I moved with the blog to a new site:

Please use this new link to go to my blog. I will keep this old blog still online for some time but eventually close it. All posts are available on the new site.

I would be happy to see you all on my new site!

Ich bin umgezogen:

Bitte benutzt diesen Link, um zu meinem neuen Blog zu gelangen. Ich werde den alten Blog noch eine Weile online lassen, aber ihn später schließen. Alle alten Beiträge sind auf der neuen Seite verfügbar.

Ich würde mich freuen, Euch alle dort wiederzusehen!

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3 Responses to Blog Move / Blog-Umzug

  1. I added a wordpress follow button. Alos, now you should be able to comment using your wordpress, facebook, twitter or google+ account.

  2. Thimberlina says:

    Hi, when I looked at your new blog there’s no follow button for me to click. The WordPress one. There’s blog loving and email options but I don’t like using them if I there wp users. And if I comment I have to fill in all the boxes which I wouldn’t normally on WordPress blogs. Just thought you might want to know. 😃

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