Marfy Jacket 1756 Part III

It finally starts to look like a jacket. I have inserted both sleeves and added the facing: 2014-07-06-front 2014-07-06-Marfy 1756 back The sleeve cap is supported by a sleeve head. I used “Watteline” for this. I cut the sleeve head so that it goes from the middle of the front armhole to the middle of the back armhole to give more support, as my fabric is very soft. I still have some puckers at the sleeve. If I would have a wool as fabric you could iron these out, but that did not work here. 2014-07-06-Marfy 1756 sleevehead2014-07-06-Marfy 1756 sleeveThe inner corners of the facing are reinforced with silk Organza. To keep the facing inside I used a pickstich along the edge: 2014-07-06-Marfy1756 pickstitch facing 2014-07-06-Marfy1756 collar pickstitchAnd this is how it looks from the inside: 2014-07-06-Marfy 1756 inside front 2014-07-06-Marfy 1756 inside backNow I have to decide on the placement of the pockets and the hem.

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