Marfy Jacket 1756 Part II

This week I finished some of the more complicated steps. First, I had to finish the second corner of the front panel. And this happens when you try to sew after a long day at work:

2014-06-10-bad corner

I had to unpick the corner three times until it was ok. This is how it looks at the inside:

2014-06-10-corner inside

Next was pinning the front interfacing to the front bodice,  padstitiching and attaching stay tapes.

2014-06-10-front interfacing

2014-06-10-front tape stay2014-06-10-pinning roll ine tape 2014-06-10-tapestayroll line

After that both front panels were sewn together at the collar center seam and the haircanvas fixed with a featherstitch. This stitch was something new for me but I liked it. And as I had trimmed my hair canvas a bit too much, I added a small piece in between. Before padstitiching, I marked the padstitiching lines with chalk.

2014-06-10-marked linescollar201-06-10-collar detail

2014-06-10-pad stitched collar

Then again corners wanted to be sewn when attaching the back to the front. I pinned and basted carefully and I am quite happe with the result:

2014-06-10-completed back1

2014-06-10-completed back2

I am unsure where to put the seam allowances of the collar. Do you have any suggestions?

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